What Happens During the Professional Installation?

Information on what the installer does while on-site, and how long it takes.

When you join the HAVEN family, you are investing in a professionally managed, 24/7 air assessment service. Due to the modifications needed to your central air system, HAVEN should be installed by a professional to ensure it’s done right. The installation should take between half an hour to an hour.

You have the choice in finding a technician that can install HAVEN for you, or TZOA can search for one in your area. Installation costs can be anywhere between $50-$200, depending on the service company. After the technician arrives on-site, your home will receive a quick assessment to determine what may be contributing to air quality problems in your home.

  • The state of your central equipment - How old is it? When was it last serviced? Is it performing as expected? Are the heating and cooling working?

  • The state of your ductwork and registers - Are all of the registers open and operating? Are there any obvious leaks in the ductwork? How clean are the ducts?

  • The activities in your home - Do you have children? Pets? Do you store chemicals inside the house? How often do you cook at home?

Depending on the hardware and service you receive from TZOA, the experience may be slightly different. Below is a summary of the product options that are available for homeowners:

  1. The HAVEN Air Monitor - a 1.5-2" hole is cut in the return duct for mounting the Air Monitor in air stream. The technician will use the HAVEN Installer mobile application to provision the HAVEN onto your WiFi (don't worry, no WiFi passwords are stored on the installer's phones).

  2. The HAVEN Home App - The technician will assist you in installing and setting up the HAVEN Home App. This app is the interface to the air quality data in your home, where you will receive notifications of indoor & outdoor air quality events, as well as reminders of your upcoming filter changes.

  3. The HAVEN Air Filter (Healthy Home Service Offering) - The size of the filter is selected by you ahead of time and is brought with the installer during his visit. After confirming that your system meets the performance requirements of the new filter, the old filter will be exchanged for the new one.

  4. The HAVEN Air Controller (Beta offering) - the control board on your furnace has a built-in feature that allows the fan to be turned on without heating or cooling. The Air Controller is attached to this port to automatically move the air through your home without interfering with the regular furnace or thermostat operations.

  5. The HAVEN Room Monitor (Beta offering) - a small, tabletop indoor air quality monitoring device that monitors a subsection of the indoor environment. This is required in situations when searching for the source of high levels of pollutants in homes, or for occupants that have high sensitivities to pollution (such as in the bedrooms of infants or the elderly)